sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

Don't feel like writing! (But I'll get back!)

Foto: María Brito
- Don’t feel like writing lately.
- Don’t write, then.
- But I feel better when I write.
- Then, write!
- You never listen to me, do you?
- Why don’t you write poetry instead?
- You need to feel miserable to write poetry.
- Just find a good photo and write, or take one of yourself.
- Half nude?
- You’d never publish it!
- I would!
- Would you?!
- But I still need a text.
- Get that piece of paper on the night table and write anything.
- Wait, first the pic.
- Mmm... with this photo nobody will care about the text.
- Let me write down this conversation before I forget it; it could be a good start.
- Will you translate it into Spanish?
- As you said, nobody will care about the text.